‘I don’t depend on this job. It won’t define me’: Leonardo DiCaprio

During an interview at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio was asked by the host how he handled rejection as a 12-13 year old child actor during a film casting. DiCaprio’s answer revealed much more than that – it points to a change in attitude that is essential to professional achievements and careers.

NS start Star said, “You’re set up and put into this system where you’re supposed to be a jack of all trades. You’re about to establish yourself as someone who can basically do what They want to. And I remember that attitude for a while, and I didn’t book a job for a year.” He further elaborated on how he would agree on everything that the casting director would do to him and as a child artist. I would ask about his skills, agree to things he was not familiar with.

The actor then admitted “It was that year of rejection where I took a different approach towards the audition process, and after that I started getting jobs.” Citing this change in his outlook on his career as a young adult, DiCaprio said, “I think it was really because I told myself I wasn’t dependent on this job. will not define.”

He went on to say how getting rid of himself helped him focus more on his craft. “I started selling myself short, grooming myself for roles, investing in character, and not realizing that my self-worth was dependent on whether or not I booked a job.”

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