How to Make Kashmiri Afternoon Tea: The soothing pink tea you need for winters

We Indians have a deep love for tea and we proudly admit it! Every tea lover has a favorite – some people like to sip on a loaded masala chai, while others prefer a soothing ginger tea – no matter your beverage choice, we all love the refreshing taste of the humble cup. and are equally fascinated by the rejuvenating powers of tea. It is a tea from Kashmir which is known for its pink color and refreshing taste. Before you start the guessing game, let us help you out by stating that this is none other than Kashmiri Afternoon Tea. What makes Kashmiri Afternoon Tea special is that it is pink in colour, salty in taste and baking soda is used to make it!

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the country

The luscious taste and enticing aroma of afternoon tea is undoubtedly best enjoyed on lazy winter mornings in Kashmir, but that is not possible for all of us, is it? However, now you can easily try this winter season by making pink tea at home. It is considered a savior for the chilly winter months in the Valley of Kashmir, and now it can help you warm up in your kitchen just like that. Traditionally made from gunpowder tea leaves, you can use Kashmiri green tea to make it. Dried rose petals and chopped dried fruits and nuts add a regal flavor to tea, many people prefer to turn salt into sugar and make a sweet afternoon cha, but we want to try the salty soothing recipe before making any changes. would suggest. Here is the recipe for you.

How to Make Kashmiri Noon Cha El Kashmiri Noon Chai Recipe:

Chai can be prepared with basic ingredients like tea leaves, milk and salt or you can make a very authentic and delicious version with whole spices and garnishes. Another thing to keep in mind is that the more you boil the water and soda mixture, the darker the color will be. So for the most beautiful pink color, boil it in 2-3 steps, let it subside and then add more water after every 10-15 minutes.

In a pan add whole masala, Kashmiri green tea, soda and salt. Boil till it reduces to half. Add water and repeat the same process. Serve hot with milk.

For a detailed ingredient list and recipe for Kashmiri Noon Cha, click here.

Try it today and let us know how it went, in the comments below.


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