How to make ‘Desi’ Fluffy Omelette: 3 tips to master the Fluffy Omelette recipe

Let us assume- the egg is considered the king of variety. Eggs can be eaten in a variety of ways and can be turned into any number of dishes depending on the kind of meal you want to make. But the easiest and most delicious way to cook eggs is through an omelet. This is one of those dishes that we make for a quick and nutritious breakfast. The best part is that we can also customize it as per our taste. And as we learn how to cook different types of omelets, one recipe that touches the heart is the fluffy omelet. It has its roots in France and is cloudy, smooth and light in texture. So, for you to indulge in its taste, here we come up with a desi style fluffy omelette recipe.

Making a puffed omelet may seem easy, but it definitely takes practice to fully master it. Apart from this, there are also different tricks to cook it. So, first, let’s see how you can get a fluffy texture in an omelet.

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3 Tips for Making Puffed Omelette

1. Whisk the Whites

Separating the whites from the whites and whisking them separately is the easiest way to achieve the airy and light texture of the fluffy omelet. In separate bowls, whisk all egg components together until they thicken and form soft peaks. Add salt and pepper to the whipped whites and fold in the yolks. Pour batter into a non stick pan or kadai and cook.

2. Cook it the Right Way

Put oil/butter in a hot pan. Lower the heat and add the egg mixture. Cook on low flame with the lid on. This will help fluff up the omelet.

3. Add Soda Water

Another technique for adding fluff to your items is by adding simple carbonated water or soda water to your beaten eggs. When the mixture is cooked, the carbonation causes it to rise, giving your omelet an airy quality.

When you start making a puffed omelet, keep these tips in your mind to help you get the right consistency! With these, you can make a delicious desi-style fluffy omelet at home in a jiffy.

Here is the recipe for making fluffy omelet in desi style. Desi Style Fluffy Omelette Recipe

First, beat the egg in a bowl and add red chili powder, black pepper, salt, chopped onion, ginger, tomato and capsicum. Mix it well. Then add soda mixed with water and mix again. After this, start heating a pan from the side and add butter to it. Add the prepared egg mixture and cook. Once it starts to puff up, flip and cook. Take it out and enjoy with hot coffee!

For the full recipe for Desi Style Fluffy Omelette, click here.

Try this delicious recipe the next time you want to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Do let us know how you liked the taste!


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