Hate running? Try This No-Equipment Cardio Workout Instead

Fitness doesn’t mean following the fad, it is about understanding the requirements of the body and then planning the workout accordingly. As such, fitness means different things to different people, and while many people enjoy running, others may prefer to walk or kick. gym, Shedding light on the same, fitness trainer Kayla Itsines shared on Instagram how she “doesn’t enjoy it” running,

“If you guys have followed me for a while, you already know, I don’t run. I don’t feel comfortable with it! I just like to go fast, and I don’t understand why how do people find running Pleasant, but then most people probably don’t understand how enjoyable I find burpees,” she said.

“You too may be in lockdown, or the weather outside may not be great, so you need an alternative to your cardio session! So here’s another way you can do your cardio for the day, no running required,” she mentioned.

If you also don’t like running to get your daily dose of cardio, check out this no-equipment cardio workout that can be done at home using your own bodyweight.

*high knees
*Pop Squats and Twists
*half burpee
*now bikes

“Complete 30 seconds of each, for three laps!”

How does cardio help?

Cardio is known to aid in weight loss, mobility, A range of motion in the joints. It helps strengthen the heart, improves lung capacity, naturally increases energy levels and helps induce sleep.

Experts say that cardiovascular fitness Can help you live healthier and longer.

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