Grabbing Chinese land on Bhutanese territory, 4 villages built in 1 year

The villages were constructed between May 2020 and November 2021

New Delhi:

New satellite images tweeted by a leading satellite imagery expert on Chinese military developments show the alleged construction of Chinese villages in Bhutanese territory over the past year. Several new villages are seen spread over an area of ​​about 100 sq km. The disputed land is located near the Doklam plateau, where India and China had a face-off in 2017, after China bypassed Indian defenses to resume road construction activity in the region, New Delhi and Beijing The point of contention between

New construction on Bhutanese soil is of particular concern to India as India has historically advised Bhutan on its foreign relations policy and continues to train its armed forces. Bhutan has faced continued Chinese pressure to renegotiate its land borders – the framework of the agreement has never been fully clarified and it remains to be seen whether these new villages will be built in this way. is a part of the agreement.

The tweet from @detresfa — a global researcher at Intel Lab, with an in-depth analysis by geopolitical intelligence experts – read:

The villages were constructed between May 2020 and November 2021.

Last year, NDTV had reported that China was building a village close to the Doklam plateau, where the Chinese and Indian armies had a tense standoff in 2017.

Images posted by a senior journalist with Chinese state media show that the village is 2 km away in Bhutanese territory, very close to Doklam.


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