Google Pixel 6 will get heart rate tracking, respiratory tracking feature: Report

Google is now introducing heart rate tracking and respiratory tracking features to its Pixel 6 smartphones 9to5google, The features will be available through the Google Fit app and will use the smartphone’s camera to track heart rate and respiratory rate

These features have been available on the company’s Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a devices for some time, and Pixel 6 users will get access to it. The features are said to be in the “early access” phase and a wider rollout could happen later.

The report said that as part of the brief trial, the results were somewhat mixed. While the feature is said to be accurate and match that of a Fitbit tracker in a “well-lit area,” a reading mode in a dark room was off at around 30 beats per minute.

Google has said that the feature is “not for medical use” and that it is still “being fine-tuned and may be removed.” Pixel 6 users can check if they’ve got this feature by opening the Google Fit app and going to Browse > Vitals. Two cards will appear under the Home tab.

In other news, some users have reported that an update to Google Photos has removed the Magic Eraser tool from their Pixel 6 devices, according to a report. ledge,

The change is linked to the photo version The Magic Eraser tool allows Google Pixel 6 users to remove unwanted objects or people from their photos. The company has confirmed that it is working on fixing this feature as it had some issues.


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