Feeling tired or lethargic? Trust These Diet Recommendations

Sometimes, despite not doing any strenuous activity, we feel tired and find our energy levels Dip. While rest can help the body recover, it is also important to include foods that help restore energy and feel energized throughout the day.

Here’s what nutritionist Shonali Sabharwal recommends Foods Which can be included in people’s diet.

Like this, taking to Instagram she said: “I’ve heard a lot of complaints about fatigue and energy levels. If you also feel yourself tired or lethargic then you must read this post.

eat more fiber

Whole grainsBeans, kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils are all rich in fiber, which slows the release of insulin and helps maintain a steady supply of energy.

Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) for their protective phytochemicals and micronutrients are essential for optimal metabolism

breakfast right

Choose healthy snacks that contain protein Carbohydrate, and good fats. Good choices include a handful of unsalted nuts, fresh or dried fruits, vegetable sticks with hummus.

Apples are a rich source of fiber and low in calories. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

be a cowboy

“A large meal can trigger the body to release more insulin, resulting in low blood sugar levels and fatigue, which is a drain of energy. Eating small meals Or healthy snacks throughout the day can help keep blood sugar levels stable,” said Sabharwal.

stay hydrated

dehydration One common cause of fatigue is drinking water or other healthy fluids throughout the day.

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