Farah Khan reveals what breakfast looks like on the sets of Karan Johar’s film

Ever wonder what breakfast looks like on the sets of a Bollywood movie? Well, you might be curious about that. We won’t make you wait long. Director Farah Khan has given us a glimpse of the sets of Karan Johar’s film and foodies are excited about this social media update. Farah Khan shared a video of Karan Johar where he is about to indulge in a platter of healthy food. Farah wrote, “This is what breakfast on the sets of Karan Johar looks like.” “It’s a healthy concoction of things,” we hear Karan Johar say. In the video, Karan Johar praises the chef for giving her “all the essential nutrients” to make her skin glow. Farah Khan and Karan Johar are seen cracking a funny joke on their breakfast plate. This dish looks like it’s a piece of toast topped with cherries, kiwis, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and more. The dish is also drizzled with sauce.

Karan was served breakfast by his staff


Karan Johar enjoys this healthy and delicious breakfast

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Karan Johar is often served sumptuous meals by his colleagues and friends. He couldn’t help showing his excitement when filmmaker Rhea Kapoor threw him a delicious treat on Friday night. Karan Johar shared pictures of two delicious looking burgers and wrote, “Privilege to eat burgers by chef excellent Rhea Kapoor.” One would go crazy looking at those delicious burgers. Karan Johar said, “Was surprised. Can this become a habit, Rhea?”

Meanwhile, Farah Khan is no less than a foodie. She is also known for her foodie adventures on the shoot sets. Need proof? She once posted a video from the sets of her film in which she couldn’t stop looking at a tiffin box filled with homemade parathas. Farah herself brought it from her house and distributed it among her companions, who enjoyed the paratha. In fact, Farah even chews some parathas.

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Tales of Farah Khan’s food keep coming to the fore through her social media updates. Filmmakers often post on Instagram about specialty foods. She shared a video of her “last iftari of the year” as Eid celebrations ended. In the video, she showed her fans several packaged food containers that seemed to be filled with delicious Middle Eastern delicacies. While she didn’t reveal what dishes she was enjoying, we could see that it was quite a feast for her.


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