Facebook to test new controls to make it easier to customize content in News Feed

Facebook is testing new ways to make it easier for users and businesses to customize their Facebook News Feed experience. With the latest development, users will now be able to control the amount of content they want to see from their contacts on Facebook.

“We’re testing new ways to make it easier to find and use News Feed controls to accommodate people’s ranking preferences and optimize their News Feed,” Meta said in a blog post.

Meta, the parent company of the social media giant, announced in a blog post that it is also improving existing controls to give users better access to features like Favorites, Snooze, Unfollow and Reconnect. For its business customers, Facebook plans to expand the subject exclusion controls for the News Feed test to a limited number of advertisers who run ads in English.

The company claimed that advertisers will get to choose from three subject groups including news and politics, social issues and crime and tragedy. Now if an advertiser selects one or more topics, their ad will not be shown to users who have recently engaged with those topics in their News Feed.

Meta further stated that their initial testing showed that advertisers who excluded the news and politics categories were able to avoid news and political adjacencies 94 percent of the time.

Meta Topics treats exclusion controls as a bridge product and plans to test a new content-based suitability control, which will help them address concerns that advertisers may have some issues based on their brand. Next to topics are ads to be displayed in Facebook and Instagram feeds. suitability preferences. The company has confirmed that it will start the rollout by next year.

Lastly, Facebook’s parent company also plans to work with third-party brand protection partners before the end of this year to “develop a solution to verify that content with an ad in the News Feed can be used.” Whether the suitability of the brand aligns with the preferences.” The company will begin with requests for proposals in the coming weeks.


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