‘Disney Melee Mania’ coming soon to Apple Arcade

‘Disney Fair Mania’, a brand new 3v3 battle arena game, is coming soon exclusively to the Apple Arcade service. The title features iconic characters from Disney and Pixar classics as they battle each other for victory in 5-minute matches.

The rules appear to be similar to those of other team-based battlefield games such as League of Legends or the recently released Pokémon Unite. Players will be thrown into a virtual battlefield containing a set of bases and objectives that they need to destroy or defend. This can be done by strategically timing your moves or by hitting your enemies quickly to gain the upper hand. Doing so earns them points, which add up throughout the game to reveal the final result.

At launch, Disney Melee Mania will let you choose from 12 champions ranging from Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Wreck-It Ralph, Moana, and more. Each character will be equipped with their own set of moves and unlockable cosmetics and will compete in 3v3 matches that last only five minutes.

Players can also earn in-game rewards, participate in multiple game modes and challenges, and gain access to even more heroes in future updates.

“We are thrilled to be working with Disney to bring these beloved characters to the first Disney and Pixar Battle Arena game, available exclusively on Apple Arcade,” said Simon Davis, CEO of Mighty Bear Games. “Fans will compete with arcade-style Disney and Pixar champions in a fun and frenzied all-out brawl to avoid the chaotic mayhem and stay in the spotlight.”

Recently, there were some leaks going around about the Warner Bros. fighting game, which follows a roster system similar to Disney Melee Mania – playable characters from their trademark properties. Even Nickelodeon followed a similar principle by releasing its ‘All-Star Brawl’ game, which was received with unbiased reviews.

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based gaming platform with over 200 mobile games for Apple iOS devices. Users in India can get a one-month free trial for Rs 99, which offers an ad-free experience with no in-app purchases. Currently, there is no release window for Disney Melee Mania.


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