“Didn’t bowl at all till the 50th over”: Sachin Tendulkar recalls his last over heroism for Team India vs South Africa in the 1993 Hero Cup semi-final. cricket news

Considered one of the greatest batsmen in the game of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar took to YouTube to inform everyone about one of the most underrated moments of his playing career. During his long career, the Team India legend also contributed with the ball in his younger days. One such moment came in the 1993 Hero Cup semi-final against South Africa at Eden Gardens (Kolkata), which Tendulkar marked as an “incredible” highlight in his legendary career. During the semi-final against South Africa, India needed to defend six runs in the final over and much to the excitement of the fans, India captain Mohammad Azharuddin handed the ball to Tendulkar at that crucial moment. What added to the drama was that Tendulkar had not bowled a single over in that match until the 50th over.

The Master Blaster conceded just three runs and helped India secure a famous victory.

Speaking through his YouTube channel, the 48-year-old revealed, “I remember I didn’t bowl at all until the 50th over, didn’t bowl a single ball and because it was a bit cold, you know my The body was tough, my fingers were tough and you know it took me a really long time to warm up.”

“When we met in the middle, I told Azhar that I was more than happy to bowl and believe I could bowl this over and then it was decided that I would bowl. I just made a suggestion That I am sure bowl the last over, if you want me to bowl, I am fine”, he continued.

Giving details about the status of the match, he explained, “Once it’s settled I said okay. I’m trying to hit the ball on my fingers and then I’m warming up because every ball counts. Every run counts there. But the way the crowd was with us was unbelievable, you know. Every dot ball was appreciated, unbelievably and that kind of pressure on them.”

Sachin further revealed that till the last over, India’s wicketkeeper Vijay Yadav was standing right behind the stumps. But after further discussion with Sachin, Yadav decided to go further back for the final delivery.

“By the time the last ball was to be bowled, the keeper was standing right over the stumps. On the last ball Vijay Yadav came up to me and said what do you think about the last ball, what are you going to bowl. I said that I am obviously going to bowl yorkers. So, ultimately we decided that the keeper has to go back because if there is an inside edge, the keeper can obviously stop and there was actually an inside edge.”

“The keeper stopped the ball. I don’t think it would have gone for a boundary but still I mean we didn’t want to take that chance. The keeper stood behind and once we won that match So it was unbelievable”, she said.


Further, thanking the fans for their part in the match, Sachin concluded, “The way people celebrated inside the stadium on their way back from the stadium to the hotel. People were going crazy in the stadium and that sort of thing. The feeling was incredible, you know. You play cricket for all those moments and then once again a big thank you to all the people of Kolkata.”

After winning the semi-finals, India faced West Indies in the final and won the match by 102 runs. In the match, veteran batsman Brian Lara also scored 33 runs in 47 balls. Meanwhile, Anil Kumble grabbed the headlines with six wickets in 6.1 overs.

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