China Defends Joining India On “Phase Down” Coal Instead Of “Phase Out”

Chinese media criticized Western media for targeting China, India over coal moves (Representational)


China on Monday asked developed countries to stop using coal first and provide financial assistance to developing countries to adopt green technology as it defended its move to join hands with India as part of a “phase out” of coal. Called “Phase Down” instead. Final text of the COP26 conference announcement.

Negotiators from nearly 200 countries on Saturday accepted a new climate deal with a deal following the COP26 summit in Glasgow, recognizing India’s intervention for the world to “phasing out” fossil fuels rather than gives.

“The green and low-carbon transition is a huge trend for which all countries should work together. China attaches great importance to the energy transition,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a media briefing here.

He was responding to a question on COP26 president Alok Sharma’s alleged remarks that China and India need to explain to developing countries why they downplayed the language at the conference on efforts to phase out coal and Rejected calls to “phase out” coal firepower. To “phase out”.

“It is an incremental process to optimize the energy structure and reduce the proportion of coal consumption. The different national circumstances, development stage and resource endowment of different countries should be respected,” Zhao said.

Zhao said, “In many developing countries, not everyone has access to electricity and the energy supply is not enough. Before asking all countries to stop using coal, the energy shortages in these countries should be considered. to ensure their energy security.”

He said, “We encourage developed countries to take the lead in ending coal use by providing substantial funding, technical and capacity-building support for the energy transition of developing countries. We need more concrete action than slogans.” “

Chinese official media criticized Western media for targeting China and India for suppressing “phase down” use of coal power instead of “phase out” in the final text adopted by 197 countries at the COP26 conference that ended last week Is.

Climate scientists lauded the “unprecedented determination to tackle global warming” displayed by summit participants, especially developing countries including China and India, underscoring not only the urgency of the climate issue, but for developed countries With tasks also given an incentive to fulfill their promises. -run Global Times reported on Monday.

All COP26 participants, especially developing countries, have demonstrated unprecedented ambition and determination to tackle climate change, Pan Jiahua, director of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, told the Global Times.

He praised India for its commitment to target net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070.

“This is a nearly impossible mission for India, which is dependent on coal for 75 per cent of its electricity,” Pan said, praising India for showing “valuable determination”.

In his reply, Zhao said that China has made tremendous efforts to control coal consumption and coal-fired projects and has played an important role in building international consensus on relevant issues.

He said that since the beginning of this year, President Xi Jinping has adopted several policies, including strictly controlling coal-fired power generation projects, in the 14th Five-Year Plan period to strictly limit the increase in coal consumption. measures have been announced. and phased it out in the 15th Five-Year Plan period to strongly support the green and low-carbon energy development of developing countries and to prevent the construction of new coal-fired power projects abroad.

“The international community has talked about it a lot. The recently issued Sino-US Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action in 2020 reiterates the relevant content,” he said.

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