Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra and Prateik Sahajpal in a big fight (again)

bigg boss 15: Still from home. (Image courtesy: colorrstv)


  • family members hug each other
  • Things got worse when VIP, non-VIP members pitted against each other
  • Karan and Prateek were shouting and blaming each other

New Delhi:

the temperature is risingbigg boss 15 home and it should come as no surprise that enrollment and access to the VIP class is at stake. As expected, the family members hug each other and even simple conversations turn ugly. And, the situation in the house worsened when VIP and non-VIP members were pitted against each other during a task. And this time the arch enemies are Karan Kundrra and Prateek Sahajpal. In a promo shared online, both the actors are seen shouting and accusing each other, only to be stopped by the other contestants.

It begins when non-VIP contestants Rajeev Adtiya, Jai Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin, Simba Nagpal and Prateek Sahajpal get a chance to gain entry into the VIP by ousting the existing members. According to a promo video shared, the householders were assigned a task that involved collecting cotton in a basket. Karan Kundrra is seen fidgeting with the basket and cotton, which is seen by other housewives including Prateek Sahajpal. Soon, Prateek Sahajpal accuses Karan Kundra of cheating, leading to a major fight.

During the fight, Karan Kundrra and Prateek Sahajpal are seen fighting over a cotton basket as Umar Riaz tries to stop the two from getting physical. At one point Tejashwi Prakash is also seen joining the argument. On this Prateek Sahajpal says, “you shut up (Keep calm you).” Angrily Tejashwi replies, “who are you to keep me silent (Who are you to tell me to shut up)?”

The live telecast of the show available on the streaming platform Voot has revealed that Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundrra have lost their VIP status to Simmba Nagpal and Prateek Sahajpal.

No nominated contestants were eliminated in the last weekend. However, last week, Rakeysh Bapat left the house due to health issues and issued a statement that he would not be re-joining the show. The same week Afsana Khan was also asked to leave the show after she picked up a knife and threatened to harm herself for not being a part of the VIP section.


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