Bigg Boss 15 contestant Akasa Singh: ‘Karan Kundra and Tejashwi Prakash regret playing Cupid’

on Sunday, Akasa Singh evicted from Bigg Boss 15 The House “Naagin” singer was nominated along with Simba Nagpal and Vishal Kotian after getting the least number of votes. Sharing that when she realized that she was not meant for a show like Bigg Boss and would eventually get evicted, she thought it was the ‘wrong time to step out’.

“I went into a shell and wasn’t my flirtatious self. I couldn’t play a game by hurting others. I think some people were too prepared. I think I had to do some reality before I got into Bigg Boss. Should have done the show. However, I also enjoyed myself, especially during functions or even cooking a midnight meal for Simmba. The way Prateek used to snatch food for me from the main house was also quite funny That’s why I am disappointed because Prateek and I were really getting together,” Akasa shared in an exclusive chat with

His equation with Prateek was the highlight of his journey. However, there were many who accused him of trying to copy Neha Bhasin and their friendship on the show. Stating that she didn’t follow Bigg Boss OTT and had no idea about Neha and Prateek, Akasa said, “It’s so funny that people are comparing us because I didn’t follow digital shows. People often told me to be careful with him because I don’t know what he did on OTT. However, I was always clear that I didn’t want to come into the show with preconceived ideas. My friendship with Prateek was pure and true, and we knew we were having each other’s backs. Maybe it was the two singers, so people started comparing. “

Ask him if it was more than a friendship between them, and the “Aithe Aa” singer laughed and said, “It was just friendship. We loved each other a lot, and our bond grew day by day.” There was no play or adulteration in our relationship and we were really sensitive towards each other.”

Akasa Singh agreed that it could be her bond with Prateek that nominated her, noting that she has become the ‘villain’ in the house. “I became an easy target because people had problems supporting me with them. I was warned many times by my family members. I am shocked and hurt that Nishant Bhat and Tejashwi Prakash nominated me. I am really questioning a lot of things and I don’t know if it was because of my closeness with Prateek.”

Akasa Singh also played Cupid Karan Kundra and Tejasswi Prakash. A section of the audience thinks that the bond is just for the eyes, the singer feels stupid for supporting them now. “Just before I left, Karan even asked me ‘zda hoga kya’. I told him yes, now sit back and see how things are going. It really started when Tejashwi asked me if Karan Why isn’t talking to him more. I was shocked but I trust very easily and always give people the benefit of doubt. Karan is like family and even when he told me he wanted him I was shocked. And I regret playing Cupid among them. I thought it was real but now that I have time to think, I’m not sure. I don’t know if this channel Has a plan or his, but if I had realized it earlier, I would have warned Karan.”

On a final note, the singer said that she feels Prateek should win the show as he has a lot of passion for the game. Karan comes second for her. And ask him who is playing the dirty game, and he names Vishal and Misha. “She acts really dirty. I can never understand how people hurt each other on a personal level and then go back to normal in a matter of minutes. Given that I was close to her, I could see when she was fake. And the same happened with Tejashwi. I guess that’s why I walked into a shell, knowing that everyone around me is wearing a mask. “

Bigg Boss 15 airs on Colors.


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