Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite may launch soon, suggests Discord poll

Battlegrounds Mobile India is probably working on a ‘lite’ version of the game targeted at lower-end devices. While there is no official indication on this yet, the developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India recently conducted a survey on the game’s official Discord channel. The poll asked users why they wanted a ‘lite’ version of the game.

According to a report by Poll posted on Nov 16 Gadgets360 And players had four options to choose from, explaining why they wanted the light game. One of these was the ability to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on lower-end devices, which is the main objective of any “lite” app or game.

Players could also choose the second option, which was for those who sought the Lite version to get better frame rates and performance. Note that while the main Battlegrounds Mobile India game is playable on a lot of phones, its maximum graphical settings, as well as high framerates, are limited to high-end devices, which may not be accessible to all players.

The third option was targeted at players who wanted to transfer their unlocked/purchased data from PUBG Mobile Lite, which was also banned with PUBG Mobile last year. A final option said, “I love the maps and skins in the Lite version.”

Poll results may come out at a later date, but the poll itself is a strong indicator that Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite, or simply BGMI Lite, may be in the pipeline.

BGMI Lite can bring back the PUBG Mobile Lite experience

PUBG Mobile Lite was launched in July 2019 in India and many other regions so that more users can try the battle royale shooting title. This was because PUBG Mobile was a very resource-intensive title at the time, which either did not support or greatly affected the gameplay on older or less powerful phones.

PUBG Mobile Lite features new maps, shorter gameplay modes and a different reward system and the game quickly became popular.

This lasted until September 2020, when the game was banned along with PUBG Mobile, and players who wanted the battle royale experience moved on to other games such as Garena Free Fire. It remains to be seen whether the game will reappear, now as “Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite,” but Crafton will announce more details on the same soon.


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