Ayurvedic expert shares ‘8 swaps’ for sustainable weight loss

Many people work very hard to lose extra weight. However, losing weight can sometimes be difficult as it requires immense dedication and consistency. But, it should be known that it is not just heavy workouts and diet that aid in weight loss, some simple lifestyle factors can also be extremely effective.

If you are someone who wants to lose weight effectively, then you should adopt some lifestyle changes that will aid in the process. Ayurveda expert Dr Diksa Bhavsar recently suggested some options that can be a “real game-changer in terms of sustainable weight loss”.

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“They (lifestyle swaps) make sure you don’t lose weight after making healthy lifestyle changes with determination and consistency,” she said.

As expertly suggested, incorporate these healthy swaps into your routine for lasting weight loss.

white sugar with jaggery

White sugar is just empty calories while jaggery is full of nutrients.

cold water with hot water

Hot water helps ignite your digestive fire (fire) and keeps it optimal. In addition, it improves metabolism as it is easy to digest.

No movement with 5,000-10,000 steps daily

Staying active throughout the day (walking 5,000-10,000 steps) keeps your body active, flexible and optimal blood circulation.

fruit juice with fruit

When you consume fruit juice, you lose fiber and you drink more because of the liquid. When you chew your fruits, their digestion begins in your mouth and the fiber remains intact so you will eat them in proportion.

skipping lunch with having a good lunch

Never skip lunch as the best time to have a moderate to heavy meal is 10am to 2pm gall art, And during that time the metabolism is optimal).

Heavy and late dinner with light, early dinner

After sunset, metabolism slows down, so dinner should be light and early (best before 8 p.m.).

sleep deprivation with heavy sleep

Your liver detoxifies while you sleep so ignoring sleep is the best way to delay your weight loss. If you want to see fast results in weight loss then go to sleep before 10 pm.

sedentary life with daily exercise

Exercise plays a major role in sustainable weight loss when incorporated with proper sleep, stress management and healthy food choices. So, make sure you’re active – choose whatever works for you – yoga, jogging, jogging, cycling, gym, weights, HIIT, swimming, etc.

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