Atari XP to launch never-before-published retro game cartridge

Atari has announced a new initiative that will put the never-before-released game into the hands of collectors and gaming enthusiasts alike. Named Atari XP, it is a collection of games that Atari developed but did not launch on the classic Atari 2600 console or were released in very limited numbers. The first installment includes three sought-after titles: Dude’s Return, Aquaventure, And harmful, The three games are available in two categories: Standard and Limited Edition.

Atari said the standard edition of the games comes with their respective cartridges, while the limited edition offers a variety of additional perks, including a classic-style game box, instruction manual, poster and hardcover art book. There will be 1,983 copies of the limited edition in honor of the release year originally intended for all three games. Oddly, Atari is only releasing 1,500 standard edition cartridges.

Each limited edition game will cost $149.99 (Rs 11,135) and will be available exclusively on, the developer said in a statement. The standard edition cartridge will cost $49.99 (Rs 3,711).

Atari CEO, Wade Rosen, said, “With our large catalog of classic games, we saw an opportunity to bring high-value, nostalgic, content to a very active community of hardcore Atari fans, collectors and video game enthusiasts. ” “We are confident that fans and collectors alike will be thoroughly impressed by Atari’s resumption of cartridge production.”

three games According to the company, the Atari is the first of several plans to release via XP. The developer has promised future drops, which will include “rare and hard-to-find Atari IP physical media, and improved versions of classic games.” No further details of these future releases were made available.

Atari, which was founded in 1972, is making a concerted effort to re-establish itself as the gaming industry’s powerhouse. It said it expected to deliver standard cartridge bookings made by December 10 by Christmas this year, and limited edition cartridges likely to be shipped in the first quarter of next year.


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