Are lipsticks harmful? A Dermatologist Answers

Lipstick, you can’t wear them every day, but you can’t do without them either. From festive reds to everyday nudes, lipstick is one of the easiest ways to enhance anyone’s look. But, are they safe to use?

To help you answer this, dermatologist Dr Gurveen Vadach recently shared an Instagram video detailing the dos and don’ts of using lipstick. Take a look below:

“Lipstick is essentially a mixture of oil and wax. The color of lipstick comes from a variety of colors and shades,” she captioned the video, adding that pigments are “a mixture of different metals (usually oxides), but not metal. The level used is within the safety limits (despite some controversial studies in the recent past).”

However, she pointed out that people with a history of eczema, sensitivity, dark lips may face adverse reactions from the pigment, if applied daily. “These pigments can cause lip eczema or even perioral dermatitis or cause darkening or pigmentation around the mouth,” he said.

The dermatologist shared some helpful tips on how to use lipstick safely and for healthier lips overall. They:

Apply a layer of lip balm with SPF before your lipstick. Some extra sun protection never hurt anyone!

Use a more glossy nude than a darker matte one. They are in vogue and have less pigment than your favorite red.

Don’t touch your lipstick more than twice a day.

Take a break from lipstick whenever possible. Try to spend days when you only wear lip-balm with SPF to go out.

Check the expiry date of your cosmetics without any miss. It goes without mentioning that you should regularly check the expiry dates of all your lipsticks.

She also mentions some of the causes of dark lips, which can be avoided with effort. They:

*frequent licking of lips
*lip eczema
*excessive exposure to sunlight

We hope these tips will be useful to you!

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