Apple’s leaked patent shows the company is working on a drone

Apple is known for making some of the most powerful smartphones and in-demand tablets in the world. But can you imagine the company releasing a drone? according to a report of 9to5MacApple has filed three patent applications for drones in the past year – two of which have surfaced in the past few days. Interestingly, the new patents were filed outside the United States – in Singapore, to be exact.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published two patent applications from Apple based on drones. The company’s first patent application about drones “covers equipment, systems, and methods for connecting/unpairing UAVs to/from UAV controllers. For connecting/unpairing UAVs to/from UAV controllers (UAC) in avatars” Various methods may be involved.”

This could mean that Apple could develop a way to develop software that can transfer drone controls from one controller to another in order to maximize the drone’s overall range without allowing the user to move with it on the ground. not be needed.

On the other hand the second patent application titled “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tracking and Control” refers to tracking and controlling a drone or UAV via cellular network system. In the patent application, the company has mentioned drones used for various applications including receiving or sensing information, delivering objects or other activities.

While patent news sounds exciting, keep in mind that Apple is known for filing a wide range of patents for devices that are never realized. After all, the Apple drone may well remain a project that never really hit the consumer market.


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