Apple Watch Series 8 CAD renders leaked: Check it out

Apple Watch Series 8 CAD render has been leaked, offering a glimpse of its design. This render is reportedly made on the basis of images and CAD files obtained by a source from people familiar with the matter, and it tells us that the Apple Watch Series 8 will not come with the design overhaul as expected.

According to a report by iDropNews, the only noticeable change is that the Apple Watch Series 8 has a pair of speaker grilles instead of one.

It is also worth noting that the color used is not part of the leak, but the source claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 has been spotted in a pale green color similar to the iPad Air.

While leaks suggest that Apple is recycling old designs for its next-gen smartwatches, rumors have it that the tech giant will make up for it by introducing new features.

That said, there is still plenty of time for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8, and it remains to be seen whether Apple will surprise us at the event with a different design than it did with the Apple Watch Series 7, which That was expected to flaunt flat edges instead of the curved edges seen on previous models.


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