Amazon is releasing its Prime Video app for macOS

Amazon has confirmed that it has started rolling out a native Prime Video app for the macOS app. Users will be able to download and install it for free through Apple’s Mac App Store. The app will allow Prime Video users to stream and even download Prime Video content on Apple’s Mac devices for offline viewing.

Amazon says that all Prime Video content will be available in the Mac app. Users will also be able to choose their preferred video quality for both regular streaming and download.

The app will come with support for native macOS features like picture-in-picture and AirPlay. The Prime Video app for macOS will give users the ability to start content on one device and pick up where they left off on another device. The app is free and works on macOS Big Sur (11.4) and later versions.

In addition to the regular free-with-prime-subscription selection, the app also has a dedicated Store tab where users will be able to rent or buy content. Amazon has confirmed that its lineup of live sports will include Thursday Night Football and the English Premier League (where available).

The Prime Video app will use the payment information stored when making in-app transactions. Some other options in the app include autoplay and subtitle preferences, parental controls and the option to view other devices that are registered to your Prime account.


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