Alex Hales apologizes after his ‘incredibly abusive’ blackface photos emerged. cricket news

English cricketer Alex Hales apologized on Friday for appearing in blackface at a party in 2009, describing his behavior as “reckless and foolish”. Hales said in a post on Instagram that he went to a 2009 New Year’s Eve party as US hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur because he “is, will always be my favorite musician”. Regarding the photo published in the Sun, he said: “The subject was and Tupac is, was and will always be my favorite musician, so I went as that. I clearly realize it’s incredibly outrageous and I’m in awe of it.” I want to apologize for all the offense no doubt about it.”

“It was incredibly careless and silly on my part, so I want to apologize for that, apologize to the club for the embarrassment. I think my twenties were full of mistakes like this, off the field Reckless mistakes that cost me, let down family, let down teammates, disappointed friends, the close relationships I had during my twenties.”

‚ÄúSome of those decisions I will regret for the rest of my life, and being a little out of the limelight over the years has given me the opportunity to improve myself as a human being and keep getting better in cricket, but off the field Getting better too. That’s something I feel like I’ve done, and I’m going to keep trying to do it.”

Hell’s Club, Nottinghamshire, said it had expanded the investigation into his behavior following the publication of the photograph. Following Rafiq’s testimony about Hales, it had “started an appropriate internal process”.

In a statement, the club said: “Alex will be subject to the club’s established disciplinary process and has indicated his willingness to participate in the investigation.”

The 32-year-old batsman on Wednesday denied “any racial connotation” in naming his dog ‘Kevin’. Notably, Azeem Rafiq alleged that the name was used “to describe people of color” by former Yorkshire teammate Gary Balance.

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