After Puneet Rajkumar’s death, hospitals rush for cardiac test

Cardiac hospitals and centers across Karnataka are overcrowded


The outpatient department of the Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research in Bengaluru has for the first time been thronged by patients who want to know their heart health.

Narayan, 46, had come with his uncle from Hassan district as he was suffering from chest pain. He suspects that there is some disease in his heart. Narayan told NDTV, “After the death of Puneet Rajkumar sir, I don’t want to take any risk, so I immediately reached this hospital after traveling about 180 km from Hassan.”

Doctors said they have been seeing a sudden rush of patients for heart check-up ever since megastar Puneet Rajkumar passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Dr CN Manjunath, Director, Shree Jayadeva Institute of Medicine said, “A large number of patients are coming to the hospital for the last three days. We used to treat around 1,000 patients a day. Now around 1,800 patients are coming daily.” Cardiovascular science and research. “It’s a huge strain on doctors, nurses and the system.”

There has been an increase in the number of people attending almost all cardiac diagnosis and treatment hospitals and centers across Karnataka.

Doctors tried to convince OPD patients that cardiac problems should have a family history or multiple symptoms and are not endemic. Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Manipal Hospital, said, “Despite the festive season, there has been an increase of 20-25 per cent in cardiac OPDs. Most of the younger age groups are asking for cardiac check-ups.”

Manjunath said, “People who have multiple risk factors such as family history of heart attack and who have high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and high stress levels, they can be screened and people should understand that there is a risk of heart related problems. Related to chest pain is different.” .

Experts say that a lot of negativity is spreading among the youth about the gym. Puneet Rajkumar had a cardiac arrest soon after working out at his home gym.

D Steve, Founder, Steve Gym Bangalore, said, “Nowadays people are afraid that if they go to the gym and do aggressive exercise they may have a heart attack. Do not give.”

The state government is working on the guidelines for the gym. Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar consulted some top cardiologists including Dr Devi Shetty and Dr Manjunath to draft the guidelines.


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