50,000 hectares of crop damage due to rain in the fourth phase in Tamil Nadu

The fourth round of rain has started in Tamil Nadu from Wednesday. (file)


Heavy rains in Tamil Nadu have affected crops spread over 50,000 hectares, which is 68 per cent higher than the average this monsoon season.

The worst affected districts are Chennai, Villupuram Cuddalore in the north, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin in the south and the delta region in central Tamil Nadu.

Over 2,300 houses have been damaged due to heavy rains in the state since October. In the second week of November, two-thirds of the state was flooded with the peak of rain for two consecutive days.

In Nagapattinam district, Rasappan, a farmer, has lost the paddy ready for his crop, which he had leased 15 acres.

He told NDTV, “All the crops have been ruined. All my ornaments are in the bank. If the officials give compensation, I can do farming again. Otherwise the land will become barren.”

The state is preparing for rain for the fourth time since Wednesday, while its reservoirs have been flooded and water from neighboring states is adding to the crisis.

A central team is on a four-day tour to assess the damage as the state has sought relief of Rs 2,600 crore.

Madhavan, president of the Tamil Nadu Farmers Association, says, “Cuddalore district is at its peak during cyclone, flood and tsunami. We should work towards a permanent solution. Declare it as a disaster-hit district and start restoration work.”

The Greater Chennai Corporation, which had to deal with heavy floods in the past one week, said they are better prepared now. The repair work during the last week, he said, would ensure minimum flooding in the old low-lying areas.

Corporation commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi said, “We have made alternative arrangements to pump water at the old flood hotspots. Hence, we expect only minimal flooding. Moreover, over 700 pumps deployed last week have not been removed. Relief camps will be ready a lot”.


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