2022 Kia Niro broke cover

The all-new Kia Niro has been developed from scratch and looks futuristic both inside and out, it will be offered with some sort of electrification next year.

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The Kia Niro will go on sale next year and will be offered with some sort of electrification.

The 2022 Kia Niro has been one of the much-awaited launches in the global market ever since the Korean carmaker released its first teaser. And finally, the crossover made its global debut at the Seoul Mobility Show. The all-new Kia Niro has been developed from scratch and this is evident in its design. Clearly, it is based on the Habanero concept showcased in 2019 and is quite different from the traditional Kia design language that we have seen in the carmaker’s current model line-up so far.

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The Kia Niro has been redesigned and looks very futuristic.

The brand says that the new Kia Nero takes its design inspiration from nature with the choice of colors and materials used. Even the silhouette has been revised, giving it a more modern crossover look and the aerodynamics has also been enhanced, courtesy wider front pillars and a slightly less sloping rear. The tiger-nose grille also now has a different design. It’s wider and more sleek, and runs the width of the front-end. You obviously get the trendier split LED headlight setup and the heartbeat design of the LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) has been updated as well. It’s a single beat motif that fits into a wider frame. The profile also looks very sleek and clean with fewer lines and fine contouring. The rear is specifically designed to support aerodynamic efficiency and reduce drag, and even vertically stacked boomerang-like taillights blend in very well with the design and aid airflow.

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The cabin of the 2022 Kia Niro uses recyclable materials and looks very minimalist.

Now on the inside, the Kia Niro looks even more futuristic and uses recyclable materials. The off-center dash cocoons the front passengers and has horizontal and diagonal lines to contour. The single-pane rectangular screen infotainment integrates both the touchscreen and instrument panel and you still get a mix of physical and touch sensitive buttons on the central console, for supposedly easier use. It also gets an electronic dial-type shifter on the central console housed on a high-gloss black surface and the diagonal gaps on the central console also sport ambient lighting adding to that premium affair. Kia also says that they have fitted a lightweight seat mechanism which makes the interior look slimmer and adds more space. The back cover of the headrest integrates a coat hanger, while the slim dimensions of the headrest help enhance the sense of space.

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Kia has also introduced ‘Greenzone Drive Mode’ in the new Niro.

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The 2022 Kia Niro will be offered with some sort of electrification from next year. So the variant line-up will include hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) iterations. Kia also introduced a ‘Greenzone Drive Mode’ that automatically (p)shifts HEVs into EV Drive mode to meet the demand for sustainable mobility solutions. When driving in green areas such as residential areas, or nearby schools and hospitals, the vehicle will automatically use electrical power based on navigation cues and driving history data. It also identifies the driver’s preferred locations as green zones, including home and office, registered in the navigation system.

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